EconoCon 14: The Zombie Apocalypse

April 9th & 10th, 2011

Each year we here at the PSU Gaming Club put together a small convention around that which we love, gaming. Just like any other conventions we offer our guests a chance to play the games they love or maybe a few new ones or just relax and have fun with fellow gamers. All for a price that’s affordable for any gamer. Seriously it only costs $12 bucks for the whole weekend. That's half the price of that new rule book you just bought bucko!

This year we've decided to use the oncoming Zombie Apocalypse as our theme. Lets face it we've all been getting ready for the day when zombies walked the earth for years. There may even be a zombie or two on site for you to practice on (Note: We DO NOT condone the attacking of Zombies or people resembling zombies in any way!!!).

Our schedule is complete and ready for you to explore. Click here for the game codes and descriptions: EconoconSchedule

The Pre-registration form is up and active! Find it the Forms section & fill it out to reserve your spot!!!

Check out the this years Con Shirt: 

Well Met!!!

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