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We are the Plymouth State University Gaming Club. With a membership of over 40, our members are students, staff, and community members from around the Plymouth area. Our charter is to bring gaming to the people. Be it role playing games, board games, miniature war-games, or collectable card games. We cover them all. We even throw in some video games here and there. If it’s a game, we want to see it played.

Our meetings are every Thursday and Saturday, from 7 pm to midnight at Plymouth State University during the school year. Meetings are in HUB room 119, upstairs next to the print shop. You don’t have to be a member or a student to be part of a good time at gaming club, and we welcome anyone who is interested to join us in enjoying your favorite games. If you are curious about gaming club, please come check us out some night, or stop by the office, room 034 in the Student Organization Hallway in the HUB. Office hours are posted on the website as well as on the door.

Don’t forget, GAME ON!

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